What We Do

NutrifyToday is a responsible nutrition business enablement marketplace platform that provides:

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Curated market access

Curated market access for ingredients, finished products and supporting service providers (Labs, consultants, investors)


New product design & commercialization

Assistance in new product design and
commercialization management.


Business networking in pre-screened
industry ecosystem group

Emergence of technologies and information access has led to innovations taking shape in the form of start-ups and small companies which have limited exposure to larger markets. On the other hand, larger companies face challenges related to growth, expansion of their product pipeline and availability of time. This is where there is a need to bring in network and knowledge-driven, curated business development processes. NutrifyToday addresses this need through its well-designed industry savvy, fair market place. NutrifyToday ensures that all the members in their platform are highly committed towards achieving real business goals of every project they take up, within an agreed period of time, keeping up the confidence and reliability of the company.

NutrifyToday Value Proposition

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Assistive, curated business development technology for fast commercialisation.

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Fair market place with continuous monitoring to avoid malpractice.

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International market insights for policy makers in shaping policies.

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Transforming innovation to business proposition via research, market access, network and integration.

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Identification & tracing ingredients for new product development portfolio/ upgrading existing one, in short time.

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Independent business & scientific ethical committee that approves members through platform-based evaluation.

NutrifyToday Platform