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Nutrify Today Lounge

Date : Thursday, 17th June

Time : 9:00 AM (PT), 10 AM (MT), 12PM (ET)



Sheldon Baker

CEO, Baker Dillon Group



David Neundorfer

CEO, Open Book Extracts


Henry Baskerville

Owner/Principal, Fortis Law Partners LLC


Mike Hennesy

Vice President of Innovation,
Wana Brands


The supply chain in the cannabinoid category has improved greatly since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill; processors and manufacturers are continuing to refine their capabilities to provide their customers with the transparency and customer service needed for success.

As efficacy and lifestyle-driven and product innovation strengthens demand from consumers and cannabis-infused products penetrate different segments in the wellness market, brands will need the sufficient supply chain partners to support their evolving innovation strategy.

In addition, this session will look at the state of regulations today and where regulations might be a year from now and, what to start doing today.

Who Should Attend

Senior Management, R&D, Product Formulators, Marketing Representatives

Why Should You Attend

Panelists will discuss the important questions brands should be asking from their manufacturing and supply partners in today’s market; inclusive of ingredient selection and innovation, improved delivery methods, research-backed formulations, and a clear understanding of quality, and safety of the new products they are launching into the market. Further discussion will address the research efforts that will support cannabis-derived products category growth and how brands can chart a course to research-backed formulations.

Learning Objectives

1. Identifying areas for improvement in your brands’ supply chain and knowing the right questions to ask processors and manufacturers.

2. Understanding the history of the hemp-derived ingredient and finished goods supply chain that has led us to the current state of the industry.

3. How brands can chart a course toward research-backed formulations.

4. What to look for when visiting your supply chain partner’s lab or facility.

5. Insights into CBD regulations now and in the future.

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