Eat Right Citizen

TVC Campaign

Aaj Se Thoda Kam, featuring Rajkummar Rao

Eat Right, Stay Fit, Tabhi India, Superhit – Virat Kohli

‘ +F ‘ Fortified Food, featuring Sakshi Tanwar

Good News Matlab? – Juhi Chawla

Eat Right Citizen

Encourage Consumption Of Local Seasonal Foods

Complaint For Food Fraud/Adulteration

Harmful Effects Of Carbonated Beverage

Eat Right During Festivals

How To Incorporate Nutritious Seeds In Our Diet

Become an Eat Right Citizen

Aaj se thoda Kum (HFSS)

Thodakum Tel



Trans Fats

How to Eliminate Trans Fat

Heart Attack Rewind


RUCO ( Repurposed Used Cooking Oil) – Virat Kohli

Importance of First 1000 days

Food Safety While Providing Complimentary Feed

Monsoon Tips

Food Safety During Monsoon

Safe Serving Food Material

Safe Serving Food Material