Nutraceuticals is an industry that’s gearing India to be a USD 100 Billion market by 2030. Industry stake holders peg this industry to touch USD 40 Billion by 2025 and USD 100 Billion by 2030. One area that would be on very high demand is human resource to fuel the growth.

NutrifyToday with rich resource of industry has rolled out world’s first Academy- NUTRIFYTODAY ACADEMY focussed at upgrading working executive in nutraceuticals industry to keep up with the growth of industry. The academy would also enable access to pharma, food tech, nutritionals, biochemistry, chemical engineering university students wanting to build career in nutraceuticals (formulation and ANI)

On 3rd December, NutrifyToday Academy is inviting you to the launch of new department: Nutraceuticals for Nutritionists and Dieticians. Ms. Naaznin Hussein is the head of the department.

NutrifyToday considers Nutritionists and Dieticians as one of the key fulcrums of the industry with multifold capabilities. Some to name are:


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Naaznin Husein

Director,Medical Nutritional Therapist,Yoga Instructor

"FREEDOM"-Beginning to a Healthy You

NutrifyToday considers Nutritionists and Dieticians as one of the key fulcrums of the industry with multifold capabilities. Some to name are:

Capability 1: Educate Consumers and prescribe responsible nutrition based on clinical evidence.

Capability 2: Empower the therapy in hospital set up for optimizing the therapy and delivering superior health outcomes.

Capability 3: Work with Nutraceutical industry in guiding patient centric product design.

The course has been designed with hospital industry, private practice and nutraceutical industry needs in mind.


The star faculty are:

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Manjari Chandra

Consultant Functional Nutrition

Daivam Wellness

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Sukhada Bhatte

Sr Manager Regulatory and Nutrition- Healthcare Exports

Hexagon Nutrition Limited

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Niti Desai

Consultant Nutritionist

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Shilpa Joshi


Mumbai Diet and Health Centre

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Vibha Hasija

Assistant Professor, Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics

Nirmala Niketan

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Dr. Eileen Canday

Head of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

Who Should Join


Nutraceutical Industry

focussing on responsible nutrition portfolio


Pharmaceutical Industry

with serious focus on responsible nutrition


Medical Professionals

who want to optimize their therapy line with evidence based nutraceutical adjuncts



in hospital industries.



in Nutrition and Dietetics.



to tune into latest in nutraceuticals

Why should you attend?


Learn latest in applied nutraceuticals from industry leaders.


Learn on high profile career opportunities in making.


Learn new trends on nutraceutical medicine.


Get certified by an Academy that’s run by industry itself!


Learn designing nutraceutical products.