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The Switch 2

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Nutrifytoday is committed to building a responsible nutrition ecosystem in India. We have been working closely with Active Nutraceutical Ingredient industry to generate high standards of clinically studied ingredients and Indian Pharmaceutical industry to evolve into a high science nutraceutical business. We believe that pharmaceutical industry is best equipped to build a responsible nutrition business in India.

In the journey of enabling and empowering pharmaceutical industry with responsible nutrition, we realized a need to understand how to take a responsible nutrition portfolio from Rx to OTC. How do you do the switch from Rx to OTC or what is right time to switch? Earlier switch could impact the Rx business, while delayed switch could kill the OTC market.

In our effort to equip pharmaceutical industry in succeeding at nutraceutical business in OTC, we reached out to industry experts who have succeeded in switching nutraceuticals from Rx to OTC and made it big. They all volunteered to come together in sharing their learning.

NutrifyToday is joining hands with Indian Drugs Manufacturing Association (IDMA-GSB) to bring pharmaceutical industry stake holders an important business need of understanding the mechanics of making nutraceuticals switch from Rx to OTC. IDMA-GSB and NutrifyToday welcomes you to the workshop – THE SWITCH 2

Who should attend this?

  1. Pharmaceutical business owners
  2. Marketing heads
  3. Product managers
  4. Business heads
  5. CEOs
  6. Investors

Why should you attend this?

  1. Nutraceuticals is a clear adjacency business to pharma.
  2. Nutraceuticals brings in clear business growth opportunity.
  3. Nutraceuticals helps bring in therapy optimization as strategic adjunct to drug therapy.
  4. Nutraceuticals brings pharma companies closer to end user with a purpose.
  5. Nutrify Today will handhold by bringing in best processes to ensure business success in pharmaceutical industry by effectively transitioning the nutraceutical portfolio from Rx to OTC.

Take away from this workshop

  1. Effective methodologies in smooth shift from Rx to OTC for nutraceuticals business
  2. Case stories of leading brands success stories in nutraceuticals
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