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Emerging Science in Diabetes Nutraceuticals

Emerging Science in Diabetes Nutraceuticals

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Date: Thursday, 26th August 2021
Time: 11:30AM IST, 2PM SGT, 4PM Australia, UAE: 10AM

Meet The Leaders



Dr. Kalpana Bhaskaran

Head, Centre for Applied Nutrition Services & Glycemic Index Research Unit,Temasek Polytechnic; Singapore


Dr. V Mohan

Dr. V. Mohan

Chairman and Managing Director, Mohan Diabetes Specialities Centre; India

Dr. Beth Steels

Senior Research Fellow of University of Queensland in Australia


Diabetes nutraceuticals in Asia Pacific continued to grow at 7.5% per annum. Since the COVID era, the growth of Nutraceuticals for Diabetes has shot up to 10.5% per annum.
Despite the advances in food technology and nutraceuticals, poor diabetic management continues to run amok. Nutraceuticals for diabetes needs a new perspective on what would really work.
For a product to genuinely qualify as an adjunct therapy, it needs to undergo a design change to include the best of clinical world learnings and satisfy the best methodologies of intervention studies.

Join us on 26th August at 2pm SGT for a conversation between leading diabetes experts from Singapore, India and Australia. Let’s take a relook at “Diabetes Nutraceuticals” to gather insights on clinical aspects of diabetes nutrition and the recommended protocol of testing diabetes nutrition.

The webinar will end with the summing up of learnings from the clinician and clinical trials expert and the step to take to merge it into product design. We hope to enable product development experts in this industry to take a lead in the development of new age diabetes nutraceuticals that will have quantifiable health outcomes amongst diabetes patients and qualify as adjuncts in therapy.

Who should attend this?

Why should you attend this?

Nutraceuticals for diabetes is beyond Low GI (glycaemic index) alone. For a product to be its best, it requires leaders in medical practise and clinical trials to come together to share their insights which are then interpreted and integrated by a product designer and development expert.

Expected outcome

  1. Best in class guidelines in designing a diabetes nutraceuticals
  2. Key methodologies to look for in designing the product
  3. Standardized Intervention studies for diabetes nutrition products

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